Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Kitchen Makeover

In the spirit of my bedroom makeover, I've decided to slowly attack certain areas of my home I've been neglecting. The kitchen was a big one, that I was not looking forward to doing as it seemed so overwhelming. Over the past two years my kitchen has changed A LOT, and often. But instead of feeling fresh and new, it just felt old and kind of dingy. There were a lot of holes in the walls, and it was pretty much where all the decor I vetoed from other rooms ended up. So basically it was the 'room' equivalent of a junk drawer (with a nice table cloth!). Here is a picture of right before the makeover:

It was alright, but it wasn't anything to write home about. See what I mean about all the randoms ending up in here? The mirror, the shelf covered in crap, my 'Seas the Day' board (which I still love, but it's not summer anymore!) .. it was just nagging the back of my mind. All the time. However, I didn't want to drop a bunch of money and have it still look like a department store clearance shelf. So, the first thing I did was completely empty it. Then I cleaned it like I've never cleaned before. My lovely Tristan then filled all the holes in the walls for me, and I had my blank canvas.

My next action was to go through ALL my cupboards. I allotted myself a budget of $50 for any new items, but the bulk of it needed to come from things I already owned. I was tired of the endless cycle of buying new things and ending up not loving them. All those sale items add up, and they add up to a huge waste of money, and a huge waste of space (although my sister Danielle and Big Brothers and Sisters do benefit from this, once in awhile they receive a bag/box of stuff from me. Nothing goes in the trash).

Once I had compiled my items, and Tristan had hung my selected pieces on the wall (after he made sure I laid it out on the floor to prevent me wanting them moved around again...), I got to work.

I wanted something that would flow seamlessly from season to season, so I used a lot of white dishes as decor. I've always wanted that classic country look but I never could get it quite right. I think this worked out pretty well though!

No need for a new table runner! Turn it over and its brand new.

This bowl was one of my new purchases, it was $7.99 at Winners/Homesense. I love the detail.

These saucers and ramekins were my grandmother's, as was the vinegar bottle on the above shelf. It feels nice having them out on display.

My finished layout.

The curtains were also one of my new purchases, they were $27 on sale at Winners/Homesense. I had had my eye on them since they arrived at the store, but they would not have matched the kitchen in the first photo! Now they're perfect. I used a piece of twine to hang the colander, I really like the effect.

I had these frames kicking around, waiting to be used, so I used some scrapbook paper to create some easy diy art. In case you can't see it, they spell out J & T.

Last new purchase. These tea towels were $2 each at Superstore.

And my birds of course still have a home on top of the stove!

And that concludes the tour of my new kitchen. At the end of the day I came in under budget at around $40. $40 well spent in my opinion!

Love, Jamie

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Mom said...

Absolutely Beautiful! Can't wait to move and have you do my apartment! xoxo