Thursday, May 24, 2012

Summer Organizing

Hello! I'm finally sitting down to blog after a post Easter hiatus! Well, to be fair I have been taking tons of pictures with blogging in mind, I was just never able to find the time until now! This post will explain why :)

I've been getting the house organized for summer, packing away scarves and coats, getting out the sunscreen, etc. That involved some closet cleaning. I'm usually super obsessive about being organized, but when it comes to closets .. they can get pretty messy before they make me want to rip my hair out.

I'm not very used to having closests, so when the doors are shut, I tend to forget they're even there. In our old apartment we had a weird little cupboard thing with no doors in the guest room, and one closet in our bedroom. Our bedroom closet was usually immaculately organized as we had to share it, and it was FULL. If we allowed it to get jumbled up, neither of us would have been able to find anything in there. Luckily we both have our own closets now (HUGE closets I might add!). But I'm more excited about having linen and coat closets. No more rubbermaid bins everywhere!

This is something extremely nifty that I found at the dollar store awhile ago:

A butterfly scarf holder! At first I thought it was some sort of weird hanger for children's clothes, but it turned out to be such a space saver. I was previously hanging scarves on regular hangers (that gets SO annoying) but those days are over.

I even bought two! Now the shelf above can just house purses. Coat closet organized - check.

Now, the linen closet wasn't so bad, I just really wanted to condense it down so I could free up a shelf for this:

Summer shelf! I wanted to avoid the 'run around the apartment and try to find everything 10 minutes before we have to leave' game this year, so voila! Hats, beach bag, towels, sunscreen, and magazines at the ready.

My big summer project will be getting our balcony decorated. To start, I decided to clean the siding on the balcony. And oh man, was it ever bad:

In case you can't tell, left side = clean. Right side = horribly dirty. It took me 3 hours to clean every panel, several buckets of soapy water, and I destroyed 2 sponges in the process.

Now that that's done, I can get to decorating (and blogging!)! Does anyone have any suggestions for places to buy affordable lounge chair pads?

Love, Jamie