Sunday, April 15, 2012

Another Salad Recipe! (and a little present!!)

This salad is much healthier than the last one, and just as good!

You will need:

Chopped: Apples, plums, baby carrots
Spring greens
Dried cranberries

For the dressing:

Equal parts balsamic vinegar and olive oil (say 1/4 cup in total)
Drop of mustard
Drop of honey

Toss all ingredients together in a bowl, and whisk dressing with a fork while pouring over salad. Plate and serve!

I took the picture pre-dressing as balsamic vinegar turns all these bright colors brown!

In other news, when I got to work yesterday I found a present waiting for me!

My number one commenter (and old highschool friend!) sent me a picture of these shakers months ago,

because she KNEW they were right up my alley (I love all things birds!), and I of course loved them. I had been meaning to go look for them at Superstore (she got them for like $4?), but now they have a much sweeter story for how they came to live in my house! And who doesn't love a suprise gift?

Perfect addition to my dinner (and to my kitchen!) :) Thanks Carly!!

Love, Jamie

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Salad Recipe!

Now that spring is here and Easter is over, women all over the world are getting back on the treadmill and cursing their (weak) willpower when it comes to resisting the chips. Just me? Liars! Anyways, it's salad time. On Tuesday Michelle and I went for a walk on the Greenway, then came back to my place for salads. Admittedly the chicken and cheese on these salads weren't the best choice (come on, we gotta ease into it!) but man these salads were good! Plus I needed to use up the roasted chicken from Easter.

This is what we created:

What you will need:

Roasted red pepper
Baby carrots
Cubed swiss

Sun Dried Tomato & Oregano dressing
Parmesan Basil dressing

Cook the chicken in a pan with the tomato dressing until heated through. Toss the remaining ingredients together with the parmesan basil dressing.

Plate the salads and top with chicken. Done. Michelle played chef with the plates beforehand:

Happy eating!

Love, Jamie

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Dining!

Yesterday Danielle, Tristan and I had a lovely Easter dinner. I of course went over the top with the decorating! Let's go!

It almost looks like a tea party doesn't it?

There was way more candy than this! I forgot to take pictures but we had mini eggs, some taffy and things all over the coffee table (as well as summer sausage, cheese and pickles - something that used to be at all our family gatherings as kids).


These water glasses (they look like wine glasses but the box says 'water glasses' - I know nothing about this kind of thing!) are sooo lovely, they were $6 for a set of six where I work, and they were all different colors; dark blue, light blue, green, yellow, orange and pink.

I wanted tulips but Safeway was all out, so we got these instead. I think I like them more than I would have liked tulips!

Little birds nests and Easter confetti dressed up the piece of mirror :)

And since there was originally supposed to be more people eating with us, we bought a TON of food. I meant to make less but I'm used to feeding Tristan (who can eat the whole world and not gain a pound - I look at a donut and my thighs widen), so I made way too much food! Danielle and I also went over to Safeway and got a ready to serve chicken as well as the flowers for the table and some other snacks. We munched all day and watched movies, then sat down to this feast:

A pre-made chicken can look so fancy with some rosemary and lemons. I'm a big fan of finding time-saving options.

My new serving dish as well as some oldie but goodies :)

I love devilled eggs. Very much.

The gravy boat I was super anxious to use was perfect for the table setting!

A silk napkin in a basket makes buns looks nicer than on a plate!

My fantastic new plates were PERFECT for this occasion. 

All in all, it was divine. How was your Easter? :)

Love, Jamie

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter Sunday!

Happy Easter everyone!

Tomorrow I'm making Easter dinner, so today is prep day. Well, all week has been prep time actually! Purchases have been made, Easter flowers have been tended to, and candy has successfully made it through without being eaten. Tomorrow way more pictures will be taken, but for today I'll just give you a little peek at what's been going on over here. And by peek there is (as usual) a ton of pictures in this post :)

I was over the moon when I went in to ExtraFoods last week, because they had gorgeous hydrangeas and Easter lilies going on up in there. Our old place in Van had pretty much zero natural light, so everything died within a couple days of me bringing it home. Now that I live in a super bright apartment, it's flower time!

Foil was removed right after photo was taken!

I ended up going back for another hydrangea, after I kept the first one alive so well. I love that to first one is turning light blue. Light blue hydrangeas are rare to find in Kelowna, and they're my absolute favorite. Jamie's gardening tip #1: always, ALWAYS remove that foil wrapper they come in. It might be prettier but you will drown your plant. Hydrangeas need a lot of water so they are particularly vulnerable to overwatering if they can't drain!

Now, as for this one .. I've kept it so healthy for over a week now, and all the flowers are blooming. But, as it turns out, I apparently don't like the smell of Easter Lilies. They make me extremely nauseas actually. Into Tristan's bathroom they have gone.

I feel kind of like a bad girlfriend, but he didn't notice the smell at all and I was suffocating from it, and I didn't have the heart to put the thing out in the cold to die (like he suggested).

As usual, the bowl of 'random stuff' has gotten a spring facelift, with moss balls.

I bought a couple little boxes of them at Walmart for super cheap, like $4 each?

And keeping in tune with the blue and green theme going on here, new candlesticks! Loooove this color so much.

Since I rehauled the kitchen, I am now obsessed with it. One thing that had been on my mind for awhile was new plates. Last year we bought 2 boxes of plain black plates for every day use. They're a bit scratched up now and that's fine, they were $12 for a box of 4 plates and 4 bowls (you keep rocking, Superstore). As great as they are (Tristan especially likes that they're not girly at all), now that it's spring, (and Easter!), I thought it was the perfect occasion to buy some new, lighter looking dinnerware. Tada:

However, I'm not gonna lie, they were expensive. $6 per large plate. I never would have bought them, deal seeker that I am, but I had a discount of 25% so it wasn't so bad for me (I bought them at the store where I work, and no, unfortunately I won't be disclosing where I work). I love how simple they are, yet square plates always look so fancy.

Also purchased where I work:

Some new bakeware! I'm going to love using these tomorrow.

I'll be sure to take a ton of pictures so you can see my Easter table decor :) I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!

Love, Jamie

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Colors and Scents

When it comes to making my home my favorite place to be, one of the most important things (to me anyway) is making it smell good. Let's start with candles shall we? Usually I go for light fragrances like vanilla and gardenia, but lately I've been trying out new scents (this might be because I've been craving some color and I'm really digging the earthy colors I keep seeing on shelves lately!). Here we go:

Usually I don't buy spice scented candles (unless it's cinnamon at Christmastime), but this sage scented candle smelled so good (and was really pretty), I had to get it for my kitchen. The kitchen isn't the first place you'd think of when lighting candles, so I like the unpexpectedness as well.

Tristan bought this fig-scented candle for my birthday (he set up a treasure hunt around our house and this was my favorite find), and woooow does it ever smell amazing. So amazing that I bought a package of the votive size, as seen in the next picture:


I ran out of hand soap in the bathroom ages ago and was using dishsoap (shame on me, in my defense it was that sunlight skin softening one!), so when I was at Winners this weekend I decided to remedy this. This scent is nectarine red currant. I love buying hand soap at Homesense/Winners, they always have something interesting that I've never seen before, with unusual fragrances. And bonus, it's real eye candy for the bathroom counter! I don't settle for Softsoap around this house.


Here is the real inspiration for this post. A long time ago I was using this body spray (Victoria's Secret Pure Seduction), but then it stopped being sold in Canada. Luckily La Senza started selling the exact same fragrance in their own packaging, so I was set. Then that got discontinued. Sooo I had to cave and order the real stuff off the Victoria's Secret website, but unfortunately the spray is on backorder till May. I have to settle for the body wash and lotion for awhile. The scent is red plum freesia by the way.

And so ends our scent tour for now! What are some of your favorite smells?

Love, Jamie