Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hallway Decorating

When we lived at the old apartment, there wasn't really an entryway. The front door opened straight into the middle of the kitchen/living room, so there was a little stretch of wall to decorate, but it looked kind of silly, pretending to be a little foyer. Whatever I put there was going to seem out of place. I always hoped to have an entry hallway someday, and now I finally have one. The irritating part is, I don't really know what to do with it! So, after 2 weeks of debating, this is the beginning of the hallway decorating:


I'm thinking of adding some black and white photos of friends and family? Probably on the wall next to the hooks. So many options!

(Mail sorter, $12.99; Homesense)

This dresser was an antique given to Tristan by his father, and I absolutely love the rustic vibe its giving off. I wanted to make it a little more modern though, which is why I paired it with this mirror:

(Blue vase, $1.00; a Vancouver dollar store, White roses; Better Homes and Gardens selection at Walmart)

The mirror was found on sale at Homesense for $16.00. It has a tiny chip in the top left corner, but for $16.00 marked down from $40, I can live with it!

There is a coat closet, but I like having a couple things hanging by the door. Feels more natural.

These hooks are from Ikea, they were $14.99 on sale ($2.00 off). They also come in an antique stain, but I preferred the crisp, classic white.

As I gradually add to this I will share more pictures. Good night!

Love, Jamie

Saturday, October 15, 2011

New Floors

When we moved in on the 1st, our landlord told us someone would be coming by to fix the kitchen laminate. The edges were coming up and it just needed to be stapled back down. I wasn't really bothered by it, as I was far too excited about the apartment's other pluses to even notice the kitchen floor, but nevertheless, 14 days later someone came by to fix them. Except he didn't fix them. He put new ones in. And ohhhh are they beautiful. Here are some before and afters:

Not only were the kitchen floors replaced, but the bathrooms got new flooring too! I unfortunately don't have any befores for you, but they were pretty much the same as the kitchen. They had some minor chips but apparently that was enough to warrant these beautiful, new, slightly distressed wood floors.

Main Bathroom
En suite Bathroom
Just wanted to share! More pictures of decorating this place to come!

Love, Jamie

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Apartment Views

So, I may have fibbed a little bit in my last post! It has been pretty hectic around here, first and foremost that the house is still in shambles, and not looking how I want it one bit, which makes a home decorating blogger very uninspired. We have decided to ask our landlord if we can paint, which is a longshot but a hopeful one! Off white walls are just so very boring. I'm considering a deep blue, as I have always gravitated towards blue decor. In the meantime, I will show you the view from our (very big) living room picture window.

I think the picture speaks for itself! Considering our old living room view was the side of a house that was so close I could poke it with a stick, this is heavenly! I'm still getting used to how bright this place is every day. Before I go I want to show off something I'm very excited about. When we lived at the old place, I went into the garden one day and cut some branches from a bush to put on my window sill. What suprised me was that the branches began to grow roots! I've seen other people do that but I didn't even intend to, so I was overjoyed, because that meant I got to bring a little piece of our old place with us. As much as I say I hated it, I will miss it very much. It was our first place together and it will ALWAYS be special to me.

I'm so proud! What I'm really excited about is that there are little leaves beginning to sprout among the roots! I'm not sure if I'm supposed to plant these, or just keep putting them in bigger jars so the roots don't get squished. I'll have to research this.

Good night!

Love, Jamie

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Hello Kelowna!

We're finally here! Unfortunately this won't be a long post, as I haven't taken any photos yet, but it's been quite awhile and I've been itching to update. Hopefully tonight I will be sharing some pictures!! Let me tell you, this apartment is a palace compared to our first place (basement suite - I severely dislike basement suites). Unfortunately I was so scatterbrained on moving day that I forgot to take pictures before we left! I think I have some veeery old ones from when we first moved in (3 years ago! Don't judge me on those photos, I knew nothing back then!!) that can be used for comparison. Moving day did go well though, we were quite organized and kept relatively on schedule, aside from a 45 minute wait for our former landlord to give us our deposit back. So it was a smooth transition, just as I'd hoped! Anyways, just wanted to say I am so happy to be back, and cannot WAIT to give a virtual tour on here!!

Love, Jamie