Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Getting Organized in the Bathroom

I'm not a fan of all the packaging bathroom essentials come in. When I'm getting ready to go out, or washing up at the end of the day, I don't particularly want to be rifling through that annoying slider box thing that q-tips come in, or trying to pull cotton pads out of that really skinny plastic sleeve. Gets so old. I also really don't like using a makeup bag. Those things get so unavoidably grimy and dirty. Plus, I never take makeup with me when I leave the house (I usually forget but it's probably also laziness!), so I really prefer to just leave what I need exactly where I can find it instead of throwing it all together. So I started keeping the glass jars that food comes in (salsa, pickles, etc.), and I use them for EVERYTHING. But I'm just covering my bathroom today :) Here are a few photos:

So much handier! (and nicer to look at!)

(This is also good for keeping your makeup brushes in tact!)

If you're feeling a little fancy (I was), you can add different but cohesive bracelets to the jars. I'm also a big fan of keeping flowers in the bathroom. Even the top of the toilet tank needs some attention!

(clear jars and mirrored items add more light in tiny spaces)

Last but not least, something every bathroom needs:

NEVER forget the tealights! ;)

Love, Jamie

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


When I was younger, I loved to change my space. Even if it was just moving my bed across the room, picking some flowers in the garden or rearranging decorative items, it always made things feel fresh and new again. Once I grew older I became more ambitious, but didn't really have the means to make the ideas in my head a reality. Living at home, living with roommates; life takes over and sometimes things get put on the back burner. I never lost the craving to constantly find new and interesting ways to reinvent my surroundings, and make them feel more like home, but when I moved into my first apartment with my boyfriend, I didn't really know where to start! That was three years ago, and ALOT has changed since then. In the beginning, almost all of our things were given to us from friends and family (furniture, dishes, etc.), and while I'm extremely grateful for everything, there comes a time when your things need to say 'you', not 'friend' or 'family member'. My home is constantly evolving, and growing, and becoming a reflection of my personality. This blog is going to be my creative outlet; a place for my decorating ideas and tips on how to (for the most part, inexpensively!) add those 'polished' touches. I hope others can find inspiration for their home here.

Love, Jamie


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